Best Lawyers 2021: Handelsblatt awards 24 lawyers from ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN

The Handelsblatt has awarded the best lawyers and law firms in Germany and ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN is again among them with numerous lawyers. Olaf Hartenstein was named Lawyer of the Year 2021 for his outstanding reputation in traffic law.

We congratulate these lawyers from our firm:

Real Estate Law: Dr. Maximilian Gutsche, Georg Arnecke, Thomas Krall, Waltraud Langenbruch, Dr. Wolfgang Scholl, Dr. Michael Grünwald

Intellectual Property Law: Dr. Anton Maria Ostler,

Public Commercial Law:: Dr. Wolfgang Patzelt

Insurance Law: Dr. Quirin Vergho, Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe

Labour Law: Hans Georg Helwig, Constanze Heymann, Annette Knoth

Antitrust: Prof. Dr. Moritz Lorenz, Dr. Sebastian Jungermann

Energy Law: Margarete von Oppen, Dr. Jan Dreyer

Maritime Commercial Law: Dr. Thomas Brüggemann, Dr. Jan Dreyer, Dr. Olaf Hartenstein, Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe

Energy Law: Dr. Jan Dreyer

Transportation Law: Dr. Olaf Hartenstein (Bester Anwalt des Jahres), Dr. Marco Remiorz, Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe,

Insurance Law: Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe

Construction Law: Prof. Dr. Antje Boldt

Corporate Law: Dr. Michael Schmidt

Mergers & Acquisitions: Bernd Thalmann

Im Best-Lawyers-Ranking 2021 includes the “Law Firms of the Year”, the highly recommended “Lawyers of the Year” and a list of the “Best Lawyers”. For the first time, the “Lawyers of the Future”, i.e. young lawyers with excellent reputations, are also honoured.