Legal tech platform offers fully automated claims management for passenger airlines


Frankfurt, 9 March 2020

PwC and CHS Claims Handling Solutions GmbH, a spin-off from the ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN law firm, offer airlines a fully automated management of their passenger claims. Airlines can save up to 90 percent on costs per claim.

CHS Claims Handling Solutions (CHS), founded by ASD lawyers Ulrich Steppler and Katja H. Brecke, has successfully operated the online platform since 2019.

PwC and CHS are now cooperating by offering airlines a fully automated, all-in-one solution for managing claims and paying compensation. PwC is responsible for the customer services strategy and business processes, while CHS operates the data platform and cloud services with

The integrated business / IT approach of PwC and CHS enables airlines to significantly reduce their costs and to save valuable resources when processing customer claims.

Passengers are unsatisfied with the service level of some airlines. Despite advanced digitization, various airlines do not offer their customers the ability to process their claims stemming from delays, cancellations and overbookings digitally—similar to ordinary flight bookings. That is why several claim agencies—such as Airhelp, flightright and EUclaim came into existence—which help passengers to file a claim for compensation.

Air traffic and the number of passengers will probably double over the next 20 years and push the airlines and airports to their limits. The number of complaints per flight will also increase drastically. Also, more and more consumer-friendly case law can be expected.

Passengers expect airlines to be able to quickly and digitally satisfy their customer needs—including handling complaints and receiving compensation in case of flight irregularities.

In order to enable airlines to provide such customer services, ASD lawyers Ulrich Steppler and Katja H. Brecke founded CHS Claims Handling Solutions GmbH in 2017. CHS supports airlines via the platform to handle their complaint management fully automated.

The software is integrated into the airline’s website and contains a form for customers that automatically processes complaints in only minutes.

Airlines benefit from significantly increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. At the same time, they prevent their customers from using a claim service provider or hiring a lawyer. In the end, this would be more expensive for the airlines than automated complaint management.

The targeted use of legal tech solutions also offers companies great opportunities to simplify and accelerate legal processes. ideally shortens the lengthy process of a complaint to just a few seconds.

 About ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN and the founders

ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN is a dynamically growing business law firm with around 160 lawyers and tax advisors in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Leer and Dresden. As a commercial law firm, it is a market leader and internationally recognized in the areas of real estate, maritime business and transportation / aviation / logistics.

The law firm is a reliable partner for international clients through its memberships with Interlaw, Meritas and Legal Netlink Alliance, as well as worldwide contacts to specialist law firms.

In Frankfurt, the lawyers look after many airlines and companies in the aviation and airline industry. For many years, ASD has also been dealing with the subject of “claims”, the claims of passengers who claim compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights. It was in this context that the idea for came about.

Ulrich Steppler is a partner of the law firm ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN and, together with his colleague Katja H Brecke, founded the legal tech start up. The company has developed the online platform for processing passenger claims. Unlike claim agencies, their service aims not at consumers, but at the airlines.

Katja H. Brecke is a salary partner at ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN and advises national and international airlines as well as companies in the aviation and travel industries.

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