ASD|SPORTS provides expert opinion on legal framework for the new German Centre for Safe Sport (ZfSS)

ASD|SPORTS has prepared an expert opinion for the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and Athletes Germany on the legal and organizational framework for the new independent Centre for Safe Sport (ZfSS). A key component of the work was also the development of a Safe Sport Code (SSC), which is to serve as the basis for a nationwide regulatory system for safe sport in the future.

A team of experts led by Alexander Engelhard and Maike Herrlein answered important legal questions about the ZfSS, such as investigation and sanction capacities, the binding effect of the SSC or the development of an effective reporting system in compliance with data protection requirements.

The SSC defines five safe sport offences: physical, sexual and psychological violence, discrimination and neglect. It also contains reporting and cooperation obligations as well as a basis for sanctions in the event of structural failures by sports organizations to protect people involved in sport from interpersonal violence. Finally, it authorizes the ZfSS to oblige sports organizations to investigate past misconduct.

The legal opinion and the SSC have been published by the DOSB and Athleten Deutschland: