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Limited liability of carrier's bodies in case of loss of deck cargodownload icon
ILO - International Law Office
Dr. Marco Remiorz,
Zeamarine – what creditors need to know under German lawdownload icon
ILO Newsletter Aviation Germany
Jörg Noltin,
Impact of truck cartel on transport sector
ILO, 10.04.2019
Dr. Marco Remiorz,
Additional place of jurisdiction clause in ADSp 2017
International Law Office
Dr. Marco Remiorz,
Klassifikationsgesellschaften in: Recht der Transportwirtschaftdownload icon
Klassifikationsgesellschaften in: Recht der Transportwirtschaft (RdTW), 2018 (Aufsatz)
Dr. Felix Goebel
Law of Classification Socitiedownload icon
Law of Classification Socities, in: Peter Ehlers, Marian Paschke, Hrsg., Maritime Law - Current Developments and Perspectives on the occassion of the 35th anniversary of the Institute for the Law of the Sea and Maritime Law (Hamburg), (LIT Verlag), 2018 (Aufsatz in Sammelwerk)
Dr. Felix Goebel
Classification Societiesdownload icon
Classification Societies - Competition and Regulation of Maritime Information Intermediaries (LIT Verlag), 2017 (Monographie)
Dr. Felix Goebel