Handelsblatt honours Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe as the “Lawyer of the Year” – 28 other ASD lawyers are also successful


Düsseldorf / Munich 25.06.2020

Handelsblatt honours Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe as the “Lawyer of the Year” – 28 other ASD lawyers are also successful

This year, 29 lawyers from the commercial law firm ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN were again listed in “GERMANY’S BEST LAWYERS 2020”, the ranking of the best lawyers published by the Handelsblatt. Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe was selected as the “Lawyer of the Year” in the area of Transport Law.

Today, the Handelsblatt published its large Best Lawyers Ranking for lawyers in Germany for the 12th year in succession.

ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN is represented with 29 lawyers in the following areas:

– Transport Law (Dr. Jan Dreyer, Dr. Maximilian Guth, Dr. Olaf Hartenstein, Dr. Marco Remiorz, Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe)

– Employment Law (Hans Georg Helwig, Constanze Heymann, Annette Knoth)

– Building Law (Prof. Dr. Antje Boldt)

– Energy Law (Margarete von Oppen, Dr. Jan Dreyer)

– Mergers and Takeovers (Bernd Thalmann)

– Company Law (Dr. Michael Schmidt)

– Intellectual Property Law (Dr. Anton Maria Ostler)

– Real Estate Business Law (Dr. Michael Grünwald, Dr. Maximilian Gutsche, Dr. Thomas Oswald, Georg Arnecke, Dr. Angela Klingmüller, Thomas J. Krall, Waltraud Langenbruch, Dr. Wolfgang Scholl)

– Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law (Dr. Moritz Lorenz)

– Maritime Commercial Law (Dr. Thomas Brüggemann, Dr. Jan Dreyer, Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe)

– Public Commercial Law (Dr. Wolfgang Patzelt)

– Insurance Law (Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe, Dr. Quirin Vergho)

Especially Real Estate Law with eight lawyers and Transport Law with five lawyers were very successful this year. In Transport Law, Prof. Dr. Dieter Schwampe was selected as the “Lawyer of the Year”.

All of the law firm’s lawyers who are listed in the awards can be found under this link.

On the basis of a peer-to-peer survey, the best lawyers in Germany were ranked by their areas of law. In addition to the best lawyers, the lawyers of the year and law firms of the year were also selected.

The results of this year’s Best Lawyers Edition were published exclusively in an extensive report in the print edition of the Handelsblatt on 25.06.2020 and on handelsblatt.com.

An overview of all results for German lawyers and lawyers from Austria and Switzerland can be found here.

ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN is an independent full-service law firm with a clear focus on key economic sectors. Around 160 lawyers and tax consultants in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Leer and Dresden advise clients from medium-sized companies and corporate groups on national and international issues. ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN is a member of the international elite networks Meritas and Interlaw.

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