ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN supports the Rheingau Music Festival 2021

The Rheingau Music Festival is finally allowed to stage concerts again. ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN has supported the festival for many years and invited selected guests to a top-class event at Schloss Johannisberg on July 9th 2021: The exceptional artists Kathia and Gvantsa Buniatishvili were guests and interpreted compositions by Brahms, Liszt, Schubert and Gershwin on the piano four-handed.

The evening began with a dinner in the Fürst-von-Metternich Hall. This was followed by a joint visit to the concert. Afterwards, there was a “meet-and-greet” with the two artists, who willingly answered the questions of the guests present and enjoyed the excellent Riesling from the region.

To make this concert possible, the organiser created a unique concert cube made entirely of wood in the Cuvéehof of Schloss Johannisberg, so that even in times of pandemic, equipped with the most modern air filter systems, chamber music of the highest quality could be heard.

Schloss Johannisberg, the oldest Riesling vineyard in the world, has been a central venue since the festival was founded. The unique castle complex, situated high above the Rhine valley, attracts renowned artists from all over the world to Johannisberg every year.

ARNECKE SIBETH DBELSTEIN would like to thank its guests, the artists and the organisers for a successful evening.