ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN at the Capital Link German Maritime Forum on 28 January 2021


“German Shipping – Prospects in a Rapidly Changing World”

Dr. Jan Dreyer, a partner and expert on the maritime industry at ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN, moderated the panel “Transitioning from KG to a new project & asset management model in shipping finance” from 17.35-18.15 hrs on 28 January 2021 at Capital Link’s German Maritime Forum. He spoke with leading personalities from the Blue Star Group, Briese Schiffahrt, MPC-Capital and Oldendorff Overseas Investment about how the challenges and expectations of investors can best be met today.

This year, Capital Link’s German Maritime Forum is being held virtually on the Internet on Thursday 28 January 2021 from 12.00 to 18:15 hrs. The event is being carried out in partnership with DNV GL and with the support of the German Shipowner’s Association (VDR). The forum consists of various panels in which leading representatives of the industry discuss their insights into specific aspects of the German maritime economy and critical global industry topics. The digital character of the event opens it up to a global audience.

What makes winners in the shipping sector?

In the last 10 years, the German maritime cluster has acted in survival mode to a significant extent. However, a number of companies in the German maritime cluster have emerged from this period as winners and have positioned themselves as leading enterprises in the global maritime industry. What characteristics mark the current and future winners in shipping? Know-how, consolidation, innovation, the use of new technologies, leadership and the trust of all stakeholders? The Capital Link Forum will consider winning strategies, the greatest challenges and the question of how the German maritime cluster can use cooperation and dialogue to bring forth more winners.

Germany has the fifth largest trading fleet in the world, and with a market share of 14.4% based on TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units) it has the second largest fleet of container ships. With 316 companies and 2,140 ships, the German shipping sector plays a central role in the European and global supply chain. The German maritime economy has seen a significant transition in areas such as ship ownership, ship management and financing, and this has been accelerated by regulation, technology, market forces and the pandemic.

In view of these figures and upheavals it will be interesting to see the conclusions which the industry leaders will come to in their panels and discussions at this year’s Capital Link German Maritime Forum.

You can register and find more information about the forum here

The agenda of the Capital Link German Maritime Forum:

  • The German Maritime Cluster – Past – Present – Future
  • German Ship Management – What’s Next?
  • Navigating Industry Transformation – the German Shipowners’ Viewpoint
  • The Evolution of German Bank Ship Finance
  • Is Germany Becoming the European Hub for Alternative Finance for Global Shipping?
  • Transitioning from KG to a New Project & Asset Management Model in Shipping Finance

About Capital Link

The Capital Link Investment Forums are well known for their large scale high quality events on the subject of sea transport and US investment products in important industry centres such as New York, London, Athens, Limassol and Shanghai. Every year Capital Link organises twelve to fourteen conferences, seven of which are focussed on the maritime sector.


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