Real Estate

Property Development

Our practice covers all phases and facets of property development, from the analysis and development of the initial project idea, to the monitoring of completion including planning, financing, obtaining planning permission, the construction phase, all the way until the marketing of the project.

In this context we establish and advise property companies or real estate joint ventures, develop tax solutions, as well as project financing, and take care of the purchase or sale of the property.

One focal point is the issuing of the planning permission (public construction law). We comprehensively advise on construction planning law, specifically on the drafting of zoning plans and urban development contracts, provide conflict management (e.g. emissions, species protection), or develop local models.

We also advise our clients on building regulations, specifically on planning permissions and procedure and construction supervision orders. The same applies to special regulations applicable to e.g. wind power plants under the the BImschG. (German Federal Emission Control Act).

Infrastructure projects such as power lines, railways and long-distance roads or, for example, water-law required dike-relocations and local flood-control measures are typically not governed by public building law, but planning law.

Our specialists have many years of experience in the representation of project sponsors and all parties concerned. Our specialist planning expertise also includes the ancillary areas, such as nature and species protection law, as well as the expropriation law and the law on damages.

Our clients include property developers, construction companies, financiers and investors, as well as cities and local communities.

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